Clam Lake


About Clam Lake

Imagine a day of fishing, and water sports in a secluded setting on Clam Lake.

Clam Lake, nestled in the serene Northern Michigan landscape, offers an idyllic setting for a variety of water-based activities. This lake, characterized by its more intimate size and accessible waters, is perfect for a day of leisure and exploration. Begin your day with a gentle swim in its inviting waters or engage in a peaceful fishing experience, as Clam Lake is populated with a variety of fish, providing a delightful challenge for anglers of all levels.

Boating enthusiasts will find Clam Lake ideal for a relaxed day of cruising. Its shores, less crowded than larger lakes, offer a tranquil escape with picturesque views. The lake’s calm conditions are also suitable for a range of water sports, including kayaking and paddleboarding.

For those seeking tranquility, find a secluded spot to drop anchor and immerse yourself in the serene environment, perhaps enjoying a lakeside picnic. And if you wish to explore beyond the water, the proximity of Clam Lake to charming local towns allows for easy access to shopping and dining options, making it a perfect combination of peaceful retreat and adventurous exploration.

Clam Lake Features

Clam Lake, a charming and serene water body in the Chain of Lakes, spans 437 acres with a maximum depth of 27 feet. Its more intimate size offers a cozy and accessible lake experience.


Clam Lake hosts a rich array of fish, including northern pike, yellow perch, bass, and crappie. Anglers enjoy the variety and the scenic, peaceful environment that enhances the fishing experience on Clam Lake.

Lunch & Shopping

Bring your coolers and picnic baskets as you head off into Clam Lake. 

Dropping Anchor

DNR Boat Launch
This site offers a developed boat launch complete with a dock, parking, and restrooms.

Tubes & Lilly Pads

MK Marine offers Tubes and Water Lilly Mats to make your day more enjoyable.

Pet Friendly

Your pet is likely part of the family and we want your entire family to enjoy the lake. We are good with your pet coming along.

Clam Lake