How long are the rentals for?

A one-day rental is eight hours. You can rent for multiple days with discounts for 3, 5 or 7 or more days.

Do I have to haul the pontoon?

We haul the boat to a public launch or to your location. Please meet us at our office at 7381 Rapid City Road, Rapid City, Michigan.

It is mandatory to arrive thirty minutes before your scheduled launch time. Other renters are scheduled before and after your launch time.

For multi-day rentals, you will need to have access to a mooring buoy or dock, otherwise a return and pickup will be arranged.

What happens in bad weather?

Pouring rain, thunder and lightning are considered inclement weather for the day of rental. We reserve the right, solely at our discretion, to reschedule and/or cancel your reservation in the event of inclement weather. 

Multi-day reservations do not get refunds or additional days due to inclement weather. They receive a discount during booking the reservation. 

Don’t trust weather forecasts. Weather conditions on the lake can vary greatly. Read the rental agreement for the full terms.

Am I responsible to fuel the pontoon?

Your pontoon will have a full tank of gas for the start of your rental. There are docks on the lakes available to purchase fuel. You must use recreational fuel should you need to refuel during your rental. Our staff will top off your tank with rec fuel upon your return and you will be responsible for that fuel fee.

Can my pet come along?

We are pet friendly and you will not be charged a fee to bring your furry friend along for the ride.

Please clean up hair and messes and keep your dog off the consoles.