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Experience the beauty while fishing, and playing on Torch Lake.

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Torch Lake, a crown jewel in Northern Michigan, is an exquisite destination for an array of water activities. Celebrated for its remarkably clear and vividly turquoise waters, Torch Lake is the state’s second-largest inland lake and offers a paradise for water enthusiasts. Begin your day with a refreshing dip in its crystal-clear waters, renowned for their Caribbean-like hues, or indulge in fishing, as Torch Lake is abundant with species such as lake trout and smallmouth bass, providing a delightful experience for anglers.

Boating enthusiasts will be mesmerized by the opportunity to sail across Torch Lake’s expansive and vibrant waters, exploring its unique sandbars and picturesque shores. The lake is a hotspot for water sports, offering ideal conditions for wakeboarding, water skiing, and tubing, attracting thrill-seekers and water sports lovers alike.

For those in search of relaxation, Torch Lake’s famous sandbar is the perfect spot to anchor, soak in the sun, and enjoy the stunning natural beauty, perhaps with a picnic on board. The sandbar also provides a social atmosphere where you can mingle with other visitors and locals.

Venturing into town for lunch or shopping? The areas around Torch Lake boast charming localities, where you can savor gourmet dining, craft beverages, and unique shopping experiences. The lake’s surroundings offer a blend of lakeside serenity and vibrant community life, making Torch Lake an ideal mix of relaxation and adventure, sure to delight everyone who visits.

Torch Lake Features

Stretching over 18,770 acres and reaching depths of up to 285 feet, Torch Lake is the second-largest inland lake in Michigan and a highlight of the Chain of Lakes. Known for its stunning turquoise waters, Torch Lake is renowned for its scenic beauty and vibrant aquatic life.


Torch Lake is an angler’s paradise, offering a diverse fishing experience with species such as lake trout and smallmouth bass. Its clear, deep waters provide a perfect setting for both casual and serious anglers seeking a tranquil yet exhilarating fishing experience.

Lunch & Shopping

The areas surrounding Torch Lake are dotted with charming towns offering a variety of dining and shopping experiences. A few of our favorite stops include Torch Lake Beer Company, Johnny’s Torch Riviera, Blue Water Bistro and Pizzaria, Rapid City Tavern or Fabiano’s Torch River Party Store.

Dropping Anchor

Torch River DNR Access Site
This water trail access site is designated a trailhead. The site has a developed boat launch and dock, restrooms, and trailer parking. Located at 8548 Aarwood Trail NW, Rapid City, MI 49676.

Boat to Destinations

Torch Lake’s proximity to picturesque towns such as Alden and Bellaire means you’re never far from additional amenities, delightful eateries, and quaint shopping experiences, perfectly complementing your lakeside adventure with a touch of local charm.

Tubes & Lilly Pads

MK Marine offers Tubes and Water Lilly Mats to make your day more enjoyable.

Pet Friendly

Your pet is likely part of the family and we want your entire family to enjoy the lake. We are good with your pet coming along.

Torch Lake